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Fri, Mar 19


Trzech Krzyży square

Michał Minor "Czas excess" - paintings from 2015-2017

He was born in Zabrze in 1979. In 2005 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. In 2009 he obtained the title of doctor of arts, and in 2014 the title of habilitated doctor. On a daily basis, he paints pictures, draws, creates low-cost graphics, designs posters, and is passionate about typography.

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Michał Minor "Czas excess" - paintings from 2015-2017
Michał Minor "Czas excess" - paintings from 2015-2017

Czas i lokalizacja

Mar 19, 2021, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Trzech Krzyży square, Trzech Krzyży square, 00-535 Warsaw, Poland


O wydarzeniu

We function in a defined multivariant and multidimensional space-time, in which the excess of everything, depending on the latitude, may determine the condition of societies in a more or less polarized way. The excess of its mechanisms, which have been permanently anchored for many years, effectively defends itself against falling from the first league of factors determining human values. Its scope of spreading and infecting subsequent spaces of human presence and activity stretches like chewing gum. This comparison describes this blight as, on the one hand, a non-permanent phenomenon, because the blown rubber balloon will eventually burst, and the polymer spouts will eventually lose its flavor. On the other hand, it is very easy to reach for another piece of gum and blow an undefined number of balloons again - at will. The magnitude of this phenomenon may therefore become epidemic. Luckily for us, because if we do not consume soluble gum, only a leaf or a dragee produced as a result of the complex processing of crude oil, the spit rubber will leave a mark in nature for only five years. Same as a cigarette pet. Not much compared to the decomposition time of the car body, almost like a snap and it's gone.

Of course, the most difficult to solve are seemingly trivial matters, the complicated essence of which may be unnoticeable at first glance. In the latest pictures,

which I have painted over the last two years, I look at those aspects of excess that are not obvious as the quintessence of the phenomenon in which we operate every day. You have to make different choices at almost every moment of a weekday. We make them as people who play different roles in their lives. We are often faced with experiencing a reality that requires us to answer too many questions, so we often give up these answers more or less consciously because we either do not know them or do not want to answer some questions. Continuous testing and updating of some kind of system speculation lead to a situation in which it is possible to go out of circulation and stop keeping up with changes. These images are an attempt to look at excess through the prism of niche situations, places, behaviors and phenomena in which it may appear, and is often treated as something completely natural, devoid of a definition, to which excess is essentially subject.

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