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2023 Collection


Tomasz Krupa, photographer, born in 1978 in Stalowa Wola.

The photography is created slowly, just like the painting unhurriedly produced by the painter. First, the idea of the scene that I want to keep in the frame appears in my head. Then I choose the set for it, i.e. places, people, costumes, props. I also know what feelings and emotions my painting will evoke in the recipients. A fragment of music, one look at a piece of architecture, an overheard conversation may be the impulse for creating

a photo. Sounds of urban space, its energy and movement make me want to share with others what I felt, what

I touched.

I have not parted with my camera since I was six.

I learned photography from Master Adam Krzykwa.

I photograph women against the backdrop of the city. Industrial architecture, often ugly and random, emphasizes their beauty, delicacy and subtlety even more. I try to bring out the beauty and mystery of women in prosaic, often accidental situations.

A sense of security is the most important condition when working with a model. I want her to feel comfortable, that's why I take care of all the details, such as hairstyle, make-up, outfit. I try to make her focus on herself and her emotions, not being distracted by anything. Only then we can obtain photos that we are both satisfied with.

The series that I am presenting here start with women.
And I start with women, because everything started with women...

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